The Old White Church
St. Paul's  Union Church and Cemetery
Ringtown - Pennsylvania
St. Paul's Union Church and Cemetery, located in Union Township, PA
Built in 1842, the wood frame meeting house style church has hosted generations of protestant parishioners and other welcomed guests.  This 1200 square foot building and adjacent cemetery were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

Thanks to our generous donors, a renovation project was completed in the years 1990-1992.  With continued support, this historical landmark of Schuylkill County will be preserved for generations to come.
"The Old White Church has been a staple of the region for the past two centuries.  It marks the humbling beginnings upon which the Ringtown Valley was settled.  The amount of history stored in this site is truly incredible... from the archetypal protestant archietecture to the gravesites of Revolutionary War heroes.  There's an overwheliming sense of inter-generational connectedness that occurs when attending a service in this beautiful establishment.  All are welcomed to attend and become a part of this ongoing piece of history and tradition."

Erected in 1842 by Ringtown Valley settlers and formally named St. Paul's Union Church.  It is the oldest religious structure in Schuylkill County located north of the Broad Mountain.  This unaltered "meeting house" style structure replaced an earlier log church built circa 1810.  A total restoration project was completed here during the 1990's.  The historic "Old White Church" was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April of 1995.  Two active congregations - St. John's Lutheran Church and St. Pauls United Church of Christ - maintain the premesis with the help of volunteers and charitable donations.  Both congregations hold multiple services at the site during the warmer months including an Ascention Day service and Memorial Day service.  
The Union Cemetery predates the original 1810 log church built on this site.  The oldest identifiable grave marker is dated May 9, 1815.  Many red shale stone markers are unmarked or initialed.  Several Revolutionary War Veterans are also buried here.  This historic cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April 1995.  Plans to catalog grave marker inscriptions through volunteer efforts are currently underway.

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